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Customer Service Representative

  • Job Description:

    Continue to read if you are "Looking to challenge yourself with a better opportunity and a evolve as a better version of yourself each day".

    At TekGrid, we strive to ensure Individual Growth linked with the company's growth. We have expertise in dealing with technology along with also the "Customer Success" domain as one of the avenues which open the door for all aspirants looking to work with US clients.

    Mandatory Requirement:

    Please note that it is a NIGHT SHIFT Job. If you think you can work 9 hours every day in Pacific Time Zone (9 PM to 6 AM, IST) with dedication and discipline, the responsibility of your career growth is ours.

    Self Evaluation:

    1. To make the hiring process fun and equally time-saving, we have made it a little simpler for the job aspirants to determine if this is really a job that they want to do.
    2. Let's see how much you can score on the Job requirements in your self-evaluation for the parameters mentioned under the Basic Job Qualification Factors.
    3. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, 1 being Poor & 10 being Perfect.
    4. If you score 90 or more out of 120, Please send us the assessment to as soon as possible with your latest Resume and the scoring assessment for each parameter mentioned below:

    Basic Job Qualification Factors:

    1. Best in class English Communication Skills Verbal and Written.
    2. Your Analytical Skills will make you a top contender for this position.
    3. Regular to work- Attendance is one of the most important criteria for you to get appraisals.
    4. Confident enough to deal Strategically with the end-users of our US-based clients and resolve the questions and queries that come up on a daily basis via phone, chat, and web tickets in accordance with client policies and processes.
    5. Comply and Follow the SLA's, KPI's for the process created and abide by them.
    6. The thirst to deliver the best in industry customer service and compete with yourself every day to become better than yesterday at the work.
    7. Flexible to work on Voice/Non-Voice process.
    8. Hungry to learn the processes defined to help yourself climb the ladders of success level by level.
    9. Good hands-on MS Office (Outlook, Teams, Excel, Word, SharePoint).
    10. We are looking for a Good Speaker, and a good speaker is the one who is the Best Listener.
    11. Ability to understand Customer Support processes from CSAT and Quality perspective.
    12. Deliver the quality in order to achieve a high level of Customer Satisfaction.

    Educational Requirements:

    We are open to hire without any constraint of Educational Qualification until you pass our Basic Requirement Factors.

    Salary & Benefits:

    We believe in Growing Together, Growing Forever. We have programs that help you earn with your contribution towards the process and company. You will see a glimpse of what we offer against the requirements mentioned above.

    1. You will be offered a Semi-Annual Performance Bonus . This implies that your efforts will be Recognized regularly. On completion of the performance cycle of every 6 months, you will be awarded with your deserving bonus.
    2. Our appraisal cycle also is Disrupting the Industry. Here you get a Golden Chance to get a Raise in your CTC and Take-Home sheer based on your Performance in the last cycle.
    3. You are also open to On-Spot Client Awards based on your out-of-the-box contribution including but not limited to the process, company, team or client, etc.
    4. If you are relocating from a different city to Surat, We will provide you with the relocation cost and a maximum of 7 Day accommodation at the company's expense to help you settle in the city.

    Special Note Before You Apply:
    Please apply for this job only,

    1. If Your Rating is over 90.
    2. You are self-driven and operate on the Sheer Performance of the individual & the team.
    3. You believe you are a Team Player.
  • No. Of Vacancies: 05
  • Contact Us:
  • Note: Please call on the above numbers between 9 AM & 6 PM only.

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Customer Service Representative

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